There’s a lot of bad in the world and in the news these days, but here’s the thing- there’s also a lot of great stuff out there if you know where to find it.

And I’m not saying these 17 images are going to fix your life or whatever, but they could make you laugh (and maybe even loosen that knot in your neck) for next couple of minutes – so why not give them a scroll?

15. It just doesn’t have quite the same scary ring to it.

Perhaps he’s the disarmingly friendly brother.

Image Credit: Tumblr

13. I mean what do they taste like, though?

I’m asking for like, scientific purposes.

Image Credit: Tumblr

12. Did they spell it wrong or steal it?

It’s a little game I like to play.

i want to die
byu/eiewgefwo incrappyoffbrands

11. What gets you nice and clean in the shower? Dave!

Shoutouts to all of the Daves out there who now have an excuse to horn in on their partners’ shower.

10. Because you can never have too much mint.

This is a fact. Look it up.

Thin Mints’ ugly cousin…
byu/Lireth incrappyoffbrands

9. The politically correct gaming system.

His gender was not guessed correctly at birth.

byu/steamed101 incrappyoffbrands

8. This is definitely not the game you thought you were getting.

Not saying it’s not fun, just that it’s unexpected.

I’ve found this in a German IKEA and was told to post this here
byu/Prace_Ace incrappyoffbrands

7. Not sure who thought that was a good idea.

They’re totally a pervert, though.

I can’t decide which of these off-brand Oreo’s are worse.
byu/jdotmassacre incrappyoffbrands

6. Who doesn’t want crusty teeth?

Besides everyone, I mean.*ppyOfBrands/status/1219664000574685185

5. My heart just hurts for whoever bought this and didn’t realize.

Bless their hearts.

Found this in the store…
by incrappyoffbrands

4. There are just too many jokes to choose one.

And not a one of them is appropriate.

3. They straight ripped off the tagline, too.

Sort of. In a backward way.

I love these
by incrappyoffbrands

2. My 3yo would definitely be the star of this restaurant.

I prefer the pizza in the belly, myself.

1. We are all annoying indoor dweeb, now.

Where are my royalties, dammit?

byu/Beanbag_182 incrappyoffbrands

I’m going to need to find more posts like these that remind me there are reasons to like, enjoy my day!

Which of these made you laugh the hardest? Tell us in the comments!