I guess I was under the impression that most, if not all, couples love sharing where and how they met. It’s a cute story to pass down to your kids and grandkids, to let them know how love began and they all came to be (and other cheesy stuff like that).

Apparently, though, some couples met in situations that are just too awkward for mixed company – but these 10 people don’t mind sharing among their anonymous internet friends.

10. That’s classy (on both ends).

A yoga class is much more sophisticated.

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9. I think meeting on a video game is cute.

Apparently their family didn’t feel the same way.

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8. That would be a bit creepy for a dinner party.

But to each their own.

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7. I can definitely see that.

It’s just kind of hard to explain.

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6. At least you know you’re compatible.

But you probably don’t need to advertise exactly how you knew.

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5. I have questions about this setup.

How did that work, exactly?

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4. High school is full of troubled youth.

It’s not that much of a stretch.

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3. It can still be cheating even if nothing physical happened.

I’m just saying.

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2. Aww, don’t be scared.

Surround yourself with people who will love you anyway.

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1. It’s a kind of gym, maybe.

At least, you get a workout.

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Gosh, some of these aren’t that bad, but maybe their families are super judgmental.

Do you have a “how we met” story that you never share? Tell us about it in the comments – your secret is safe with us!