Most couples love telling the stories about how they met. They’re sweet, they’re funny, they’re totally unbelievable – whatever it is that makes the way we met special, we love to share that with other people.

Unless, apparently, there’s something weird about it that you need to keep a secret…which is exactly the case with these 11 couples who stay mum on the subject.

11. Those are…not the same thing.

But they both made me laugh, so there’s that.

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10. They just like to keep it simple.

But they know the truth.

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9. This is actually amazing.

I can see why she wouldn’t want to share that with strangers, though.

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8. That’s too much for a cocktail party.

Most people don’t want to really know. Let’s be honest.

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7. I’m guessing her parents don’t know.

Nor do they ever really need to.

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6. This is absolutely amazing.

I mean, I could use a couple of new friends, too.

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5. That’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

It’s actually pretty normal, right?

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4. Well, at least something good came out of it.

Internet dating is so hit or miss.

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3. They could just say “online.”

No need to wade into the dirty details.

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2. When you know you know.

Hopefully they can keep each other accountable for a lifetime.

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1. I love geek love stories, though!

I can’t be the only one, right?

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Wow. Honestly, I never would have guessed at most of these reasons.

Do you have a story of how you met that you never tell? Spill why in the comments!