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It’s kind of strange to think about food being popular or fashionable, or that what’s popular today might have been forgotten in five years (I mean, obviously not something like pizza or pasta or cinnamon rolls), but if you’re struggling to believe this is a thing, well… remember the cronut?

These 10 foods that were going like hotcakes (also ever-popular!) five years ago certainly haven’t fared much better.

10. Bacon on everything.


9. “Foam.”

On everything.

8. “Deconstructed” food.

Look, I’m paying you to put my meal together, not for you to give me the ingredients so I can do it myself.

7. Plating food on “not a plate.”

I’ll take mine on a shovel, thanks. It saves time.

6. Kimchi for everyone.

I mean, it’s fine, but you can leave it off my tacos.

5. Kobe Sliders.

Sold at “gastropubs.” Eep.

4. Pickling.

Yes, you can pickle anything…but should you? Now they’ve even pickled tennis!

3. Molecular gastronomy.

Does this food make me look smart?

2. Ramen.

Yes, it’s yummy and affordable. No, it cannot and should not replace my hamburger bun.

1. Tapas.

Could I just have a regular-sized plate, please?

Also, does that mean I don’t have to wait in line anymore, because… I like that idea a lot.