It may be nowhere near Valentine’s Day, but that’s no excuse not to send Valentines to the people you love. Or at the very least a sort of off-brand version where you just text them cute meme compliments about how much you like their butt or whatever.

Any day of the year is the right day for those kinds of adorable shenanigans.

In that spirit, here are ten cute compliment memes for the special someone in your life.

10. Sweets for the sweet

You absolutely knock me out.

9. Stark realities

I may not be a billionaire, but I’ll scare off danger with my mighty growls.

8. Happy little me’s

Just take those feelings of loneliness and beat the devil out of ’em.

7. Snack attack

How does this dog look so smooth and why can’t I deal with it?

6. Crash into me

Gonna crush so hard they call me the super nova.

5. Needed contributions

Together, we can reach these goals. Not me, us.

4. Let’s get this bread

Garlic may not be easy on the breath but it’s still pretty great for the mouth.

3. Lizard licks

When your man saves you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.

2. Pretty potassium

“Why is any of this?” – dog, probably

1. Reporting for booty

Your future looks very bright.

If you want to brighten somebody’s day, just send them one of these. Or the whole list. You can’t lose, really.

What’s your favorite thing about being in love?

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