We’re all out here trying our best to form lasting and meaningful relationships. It’s not always easy, especially when we have this vision in our head of what everything is supposed to be, or supposed to feel like. That kind of idealization can get in the way sometimes. Other times, it can clarify what we want and what we need.

And then there are memes.

I don’t know if these relationship goal memes are helpful, hurtful, or just stupid, but they sure do give me something to aspire to.

10. Ride on

This is either adorable or deeply kinky or both.

9. Serving looks

Find you a man who looks at you like Drake looks at everybody.

8. Alienating love

Yeah I’m your soulmate, you’ve just got a weird soul.

7. Love me through the phone

These iPhone sizes are getting out of hand.

6. Monkey business

Why were you sleeping in confetti though?

5. Lasagna love

Without you, it’s a constant case of the Mondays.

4. Order up

Yeah I’ll have uuuuuhhhhhhhh fulfillment.

3. Sleep with me

Say no more, I’ll bring my own pillow and everything.

2. Street style

I think I’ll just park myself right here for a while.

1. Fry do

I hear wedding bells and Taco Bells in equal measure.

If I didn’t know what I wanted before, I certainly do now. And it’s fries. I want a bunch of fries.

What are your relationship goals?

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