The economy is all over the place and things are looking pretty iffy.

I’m no expert in these matters but I propose a solution: let’s turn to a meme-based economy. Like cryptocurrencies, except not like that at all, because I honestly don’t understand how those work.

What I’m saying is let’s start treating memes like money and it’ll probably go great! Even if it doesn’t, we’ll have all these memes to laugh at, which will distract us from how not-great everything went. You can’t lose.

To give you an idea of how this would go, I’ve gathered twelve completely random memes and assigned a currency conversion calculation to let you know what I think they’re worth.

12. Mind on my money

Meme value: $1.00

11. Gettin’ chipped, gotta dip

Meme value: $4.79, the retail price of a family sized bag.

10. Pupper slumber

Meme value: $4 and gentle pats on the head.

9. All in the phrasing

Meme value: $2 and the wisdom to know who not to screw with.

8. Killing it

Meme value: the college fund your parents didn’t end up having to spend on you.

7. Die laughing

Meme value: your life.

6. Pain by numbers

Meme value: the price of a set of permanent markers and even more permanent emotional scarring.

5. Chill pills

Meme value: $50, or a $10 copay with insurance.

4. I scream

Meme value: priceless.

3. Phony phone time

Meme value: dog.

2. Follow your memes

Meme value: an $8 take and bake pizza.

1. The grudge

Meme value: a forest worth of burn books.

Some critics have claimed that my system of memes as currency “makes no sense,” and “is wildly inconsistent.” But to them I say – that’s never stopped us before.

Do you think we should replace money with memes? Why or why not?

Tell us your scholarly opinion in the comments.