If tweets were eats, we’d have a bountiful buffet here. I guess we sort of do. A buffet for the mind.

But without vegetables or whatever, just the tasty yummy options that make your brain light up with the happy chemicals for a minute.

Sound good? Got an appetite going? Great, let’s get to it.

Grab a plate and mind the sneeze guard, it’s time to dig into some tweets.

10. Lowering the bar

These are the fictional times we all need to get back to.

9. Deep in thought

I think, therefore I am confused.

8. Days gone by

Remember when it was kind of scary and kind of exciting like we were all going camping? Now we’re just stuck in the woods and mad.

7. Need to know

Surely ONE of ya’ll wants to get with this.

6. Hard truths

If we all really pull, we can shoot right through.


5. Breaking bad

Hey how did I get in this tweet.

4. The bag lady

They say the machines are coming to replace us but it seems like the tech is still pretty far off…

3. Write what you know

And now I’m writing about a writer writing about writers writing writers.

2. A sneaking feeling

Oh that reminds me, I should probably buy something overpriced that I won’t use.


1. The good ol’ days

Did anybody ever actually have this happen or was it just a myth?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m stuffed. Another delicious tweet meal. I think I need a nap.

Who are your favorite people on Twitter right now?

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