These are pretty confusing and chaotic times.

If you’re smart enough to find the meaning or the through-lines in what’s going on in the world, you’re probably smart enough to find the patterns in this set of memes. They seem random – but ARE THEY? Or are they the complex breadcrumbs dropped by a shadow cabal of the elite for keen-eyed observers such as yourself to decipher and reveal the truth to the world?


Nah, they’re random. Enjoy.

15. For spite

If Seinfeld taught us anything, it’s also not a reason to return a jacket.

14. Good guy Google

Like their slogan says, “Don’t be evil, and snitches get stitches.”

13. Tomato, tomato

Plus they taste worse cause I’m bad at gardening, so nobody wins.

12. Supa hot fire

The stickers make it faster, the fire makes it scarier.

11. Hunger and thirst

This is the life hack I didn’t know I needed.

10. Keeping it together

I’m doing just fine and so am I.

9. Follow the sound of my voice

Idiot is lost again.

8. Out of the black and blue

Just leave the dead to their dying.

7. Morning Joe

I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the audacity.

6. Getting schooled

Old lessons are not easily unlearned.

5. Tower of terror

RIP bunny boi.

4. Mind over matter

I sure show them. Silently. In my mind.

3. Shades of grey

Printers are the ultra-divas of the technology world.

2. Grow a spine

I gotta be the muscle AND the bones around here?

1. Very alarming

Nothing gets me up faster.

If you managed to decipher the clues, congratulations, you just wasted a whole bunch of time.

What do you think the true meaning of memes is?

Tell us in the comments.