The natural world is filled with a wide variety of birds each with their unique songs and sounds. But as far as I know, no actual tweet in nature sounds like a tweet from the internet. Unless you have your parrot like, memorize Rob Delaney bits I guess. Which would be pretty great, and I’d definitely like to see it.

So, which is better? Bird tweets? Or people tweets? Let’s find out by looking at these ten funny people tweets while opening our windows to listen to birds.

10. What a twist

Getting served while getting service.

9. Old man liver

If your own peers called you an old soul when you were a kid, you’re now me.

8. Butterflies in this guy…

I can fly twice as high…

7. Remote possibilities

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

6. Bred for bed

How can I be expected to take care of my own stuff when I’m so tired from helping other people?

5. Split attention

Quiet small screen, big screen has the floor.

4. Don’t dead, open inside

Whomever printed this must have been on their very first day of literacy.

3. Just you wait

So help me God, I’ll show you all! Tomorrow or maybe next week sometime!

2. Nature vs nurture

I tried the same Google and it just said “Ben, don’t.”

1. Measuring up

This is one of the weirdest little joys and I’m so glad to see it expressed by another human.

After examining those, I think I’m ready to make a call and say that bird tweets cannot stack up to human tweets. We’ve beaten you at your own game, you feathery idiots. Pack it in. Fly away home.

Are people better than birds? Are birds better than people?

Tell us your thoughts on this important topic in the comments.