As someone who has recently been through a breakup, I can understand the impulse to say things that have been left unsaid.

There’s a lot that can get sort of pent up, and stay that way, because once the thing is over, you start to wonder “what’s the point of stewing in anger and disappointment? Won’t I just make things worse?” And yet, it’s still in there, bugging you.

What to do? One solution might be to send your grievances in the form of a “Disappointment Letter” to the Instagram account @tothegirlsivedated.

That’s what these guys did. Have a look.

10. Work it out

Pretty sure that’s just prostitution?

9. Square one

Yeah Martha, who DOES that?

8. Only natural

At first I thought this said “Dear Santa” and I got very concerned.

7. Living in the present

A re-gift? At Christmas? Really?

6. A happy one

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, heart is heavy.

5. Money well spent

Not that you owe someone for a dinner, but you owe basic respect just because.

4. Honeymoon’s over

Yeah, good luck with all of that.

3. Breaking fast

That’s a pretty awkward meal.

2. Good bois

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

1. Hips do lie

I’m getting second or third hand embarrassment just reading this.

I guess it might feel good to write out these grievances, even if they never get sent anywhere or to anyone. Cathartic, perhaps? And definitely cheaper than therapy, so that’s a nice plus.

If you were going to write a letter to your ex, what would it be about?

Tell us in the comments.