Twitter can be a place that gets so overwhelming, and a point from which so much news can flow, that it’s easy to forget that the majority of Americans aren’t even on the thing.

They just go through their lives tweetless, not getting into the random arguments with strangers, not having endless debates about cancel culture, and worst of all, not getting to read any of the funny gems that are readily available in our tweet feeds.

But you and I need not succumb to that fate. For we have the tweets.

The tweets like these. That are funny. And blessed.

11. Poster child

It’s very important to just go ahead anyway.

10. Look out


9. Gauge your interest

Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior Taco John?

8. Focus up

You can’t, it’s impossible, best not to try.

7. Amen

I would like to join this religion, for real.

6. Time flies

[Narrator Voice]: It was indeed that bad.

5. Yearn and learn

They’re too big and we all know it but we’re not allowed to admit it.

4. Fair and square

Somehow this is correct.

3. Bury me with it

It’s just hard to open up.

2. Tickets, please

Do law.

1. The long and short

Do or do not, there is no try.

Thank goodness for tweets like these to keep us all going. Otherwise I’d have to like, read a book. Can you imagine?

Who are your favorite people on Twitter who we should all be following?

Give us your opinion in the comments.