What the hell is going on on Twitter? Hyper-realistic cake memes? Entanglement? Bomboclaats every which way you look?

Honestly, I’d love to explain it all to you but I can hardly explain it to myself and I don’t want this turning into a 40,000 word essay.

It’s easier to just show you, anyway. So. Here are 15 samples of what Twitter has been up to lately.

15. The final frontier

Turns out neither the flat-earthers nor the globeheads had it totally right.


14. Stonks

It only makes cents.


13. Secret sauce

And in 2020, it’s never worth going back for.

12. Elegant reentry

Just rebooted my brain, where were we?

11. Taking the cake

You made me watch this with my innocent eyes!

10. Meat your maker

When you’re dealing with Ikea, you never know when it’s all going to come together.

9. Mission failed successfully

Turns out I knew how to push the right buttons.

8. Excellent point

I’ll allow it?

7. The Drake equation

If you can’t play nice, nobody gets any toys.

6. Circle of life

Inescapable dread and depression are a big mood.

5. Cut it out

Has this gone far enough yet? Are we done?

4. Two for one special

There’s an advantage to keeping things short and sweet.

3. Unrequited melodies

When you’re so young that you can’t comprehend other people.

2. Thiccer than water

The romance is all boiled away.

1. Turn around

If this isn’t what life’s all about, I truly don’t know what is.

So, there ya have it. I’m no closer to understand it than you are, but I sure am enjoying the ride. Stay weird, Twitter.

What’s your favorite Twitter trend as of late?

Tell us in the comments.