I’ve been reading the Bible over and over but I can’t seem to find the part where it explains whether dating apps were invented by God or Satan.

Sometimes it seems one, sometimes the other. I guess we’ll never know.

One definite advantage of these dubious programs though is that we get hugely entertaining screenshots and stories out of them, which frequently get shared online for all to enjoy.

Check out these 15 amazing dating app fails (wins?) and decide for yourself whether they’re heaven-sent or devil-born.

15. The daily grind

When booty turns to duty.


14. Changing priorities

This is 2020 in a nutshell.

13. Self-improvement

I mean, I’ve seen the pill ads but I assumed they were BS.


12. Prenuptial disagreement

What kind of dadaist poetry flirting is this?

11. Private property

We connect with our loved ones over the things that truly matter.


10. Falling dominoes

You’re out of your element, bud.


9. Shot in the dark

This needs to be our national motto for a while.

8. Is this the real life

Hi Amy, you’re awful.


7. Gotta get down

After extensive research I can confirm that 7/7/20 was, in fact, a Tuesday.

6. Inner secrets

You asked for it, friend.

And then he unmatched me…
byu/michaelawho inTinder

5. Mother*******

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here.

PS-5 secured.
by inTinder

4. Bear with me

It’s…cute? I guess?

I think I’ve finally figured out tinder
byu/The_Ethanator52 inTinder

3. Futon fulfillment

All that is old is new again.

Tinder, bringing old hooks ups together again
byu/Miranskiii inTinder

2. Opening up

You wanna wine about some stuff?

Not bad, Julie.. Not bad at all…
byu/barrya29 inTinder

1. Raisin hell

I can’t believe this worked and I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming.

He really got me
byu/hamsterpopcorn inTinder

Welp, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go reinstall Tinder for the 50th time, play with it for two hours, and delete it again. It is the tradition of my people.

What’s the best/worst dating app conversation you’ve ever had?

Tell us about it in the comments.