Have you tumbled through Tumblr lately?

If not, you’re missing out. Missing out on wonderful madness that only the Humans of Tumblr can provide. There’s far too much of it to show you every highlight, of course, but we do have here a fine selection of random hilarity that we think serves as an excellent example of the value of this weirdo website.

Enjoy these 15 random Tumblr gems!

15. Take me to your specials

First contact is a lot different than any of us were expecting.


14. Basic discoveries

Well now you’ve spoiled the ending.


13. Crushed to death

Why ask such silly questions?


12. Power moves

This is bloody genius.


11. Peaky peepers

I want to be mad, but I simply can’t be.


10. Nautical themes

Oh, I’m feelin’ it now.


9. Rock and a hard place

Don’t forget the TOTALLY METAL weather forecast brought to you by McDonald’s.


8. The place where I belong

I’m starting a petition to make this official.


7. Signs and revelations

This is blowing my mind in the cheesiest way.


6. Don’t take crap

I mean, what else was she gonna do?


5. Vital information

“I don’t know, let the graphics department whip something up.”


4. Dead serious

Sometimes a clarification is needed so the police don’t get involved.


3. The double

Someone in my hometown who looks like me suffered this same fate.


2. The name game

You’ve awoken a monster.


1. Cheque your privilege

The kid would never once in a million episodes choose the money.


Gotta love a healthy dose of random Tumblr goodness. It’s a better way to start your day than coffee, imho.

What do you love to find on Tumblr?

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