Who’s a good boy? These animal employees, that’s who. From little uniforms to adorable selfies, this list has everything you could want when it comes to animals in the workforce. Thank you, furry friends, for your service.

1. Officer Judy Hopps from Zootopia!

Photo Credit: Reddit: zacharoid

2. This security guard knows it’s important to cut loose every once in a while.

Photo Credit: Instagram: @tsa

3. She even follows safety protocol.

4. This doggo worked so hard, he received a Christmas bonus.

Photo Credit: Reddit: deltagibbs

5. This cat is the perfect phone holder and he can sleep on the job.

Photo Credit: Reddit: prettymm

6. She’s checking to make sure no one cheats.

7. So happy to be at work.

Photo Credit: Instagram: @tsa

8. “Hello, I am your substitute teacher today.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Bleeedorange

9. Best hotel greeter ever.

Photo Credit: Reddit: saadaude

10. Every lab could use a “lab.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: pixels625

11. “Need a recommendation?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Pooleroops1

12. This eager new worker.