Have you ever bought something simply because the packaging looked cool, only to discover that the product itself wasn’t very good? While we hope that isn’t the case with the following products, these are definitely ones that would tempt us if we passed them by in the grocery store.

1. This milk looks like a cow being pulled up by a flying saucer.

Photo Credit: Imedia Creative Bureau

2. KFC’s brilliant edible wrapper design.

Photo Credit: Moss and Fog

Photo Credit: KFC

3. You can thank Nikita Onkin for these creative pasta windows.

Photo Credit: NIKITA ONKIN

4. Who knew salmon made such good beards?

Photo Credit: Mr Flax

5. Straight from the oven!

Photo Credit: Thelma’s Treats

6. Not only are these coffee cups biodegradable, but they’ve got wildflower seeds embedded in them.

Photo Credit: Reduce. Reuse. Grow.

7. The ultimate stackable water bottle.

Photo Credit: Pedrita Studio

8. This boxed wine helps you squeeze out every last drop.

Photo Credit: Zube

9. Have a movie night with this pizza box from Hong Kong that doubles as a projector.

Photo Credit: Pizza Hut

10. When steeped in hot water, these tea bags blossom into beautiful fish.

Photo Credit: Charm Villa

11. A pistachio box that looks like a cracked pistachio and doubles as a place to put your empty shells.

Photo Credit: Maija Rozenfelde

12. Even bears love it!

13. Simple, yet so cute.

Photo Credit: Lo Siento