I was never very good with trading card fads as a kid. I couldn’t get into them, I didn’t have the money to spend on them, and I never really got that sense for how to tell a rare, valuable card from a run of the mill boring one.

Meme collecting, though? I’m all over that. It probably helps that I don’t have to drive to the drug store and spend ten bucks on a meme pack in the hopes it contains at least one that I don’t already have. Memes are much simpler to acquire. And I don’t mind sharing the wealth, as many have before me. Here. Enjoy some medium-rare memes.

10. *sniff* he had the high ground

9. Crazy how nature do that

8. Stealth mode activated

7. Exit through the gift shop

6. What a twist!

5. I’m going places

4. Boom boom over zoom

3. Too hot to handle

2. I just need some space

1. You’re older vs I’m older

I wouldn’t trade my meme collection for all the golden Charizards or whatever in the world.

What’s your favorite meme?

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