This is a page with 10 fun memes that we think are fun, and they are also memes. That’s what you clicked on, that’s what you came here for, and let’s face it, that’s what you truly need right now. There’s no particular theme to these memes except for “good.”

So without any further ado, here are 10 good memes for your eyeballs/brain to enjoy.

10. Tongue depressor

The look of shock is absolutely priceless.

9. A perfect test

Knowing I would definitely look is making me feel some kinda way.

8. You get what you pay for

If job interviews were remotely honest.

7. Night lurker

Anyone who shoots off fireworks a week late should be shot out of a canon.

6. Deep meaning

“Sometimes a dinosaur riding a shark is just a dinosaur riding a shark.” – Sigmund Freud

5. Culinary manners

What do they do in there when the little light is off?

4. Screamer phone

People who hold their phones like this are serial killers and there are no exceptions.

3. Potty leg syndrome

It’s just that there are so many memes to browse…

2. Kitty man

This cat now firmly believes that vinyl sounds better.

1. Motivational speaker

We’ve all gotta have something that keeps us going.

There ya have it. 10 great memes to keep close to your heart and share with your friends. Thanks for visiting with us – be sure to come back soon for more!

What is your favorite place on the internet to find good memes?

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