People like to joke that dating today is kind of a horror show, with it’s online nature, the proliferation of pictures no one wanted, and the culture that teaches people are as disposable as a swipe.

Even knowing all of that, though, 22-year-old Samara Hnaien probably never expected a first Tinder date to send her to the emergency room.

She and fellow Aussie, 23-year-old Charles Harris had been chatting for awhile on Tinder and decided the time had come to meet in person. Because many businesses are still closed in Australia (and around the world), they ended up just hanging out at Charles’s place for the afternoon and evening.

Things were going well, Charles told Buzzfeed, which is how the two of them ended up kissing.

Please, tell me more!

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Then, Hnaien said her mouth started “tingling mid-kissing basically,” alerting her to the fact that she was having an allergic reaction to peanuts.

She asked whether or not Harris had eaten anything containing the nefarious legume and he confessed that he’d eaten a peanut butter sandwich before she’d arrived – not knowing, of course, about her deadly allergy.

The two took off for the emergency room to make sure her reaction would not get worse, and they were both able to laugh about the entire thing, and get this – they both said there will definitely be a second date!

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And I mean, honestly, they’re going to have to get married now, because they’ll never have a better first date story to tell their future kids, you know?

What’s your worst first date memory? Can it top this one?

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