A little birdie told me that you like funny tweets.

Er, I guess what he actually said was just “tweet tweet, tweet tweet tweet, tweet.” But I assumed he was talking about you (because we’re always talking about you), and I assumed the tweets he was talking about were the funny Twitter kind.

So, in honor of that bird and his words, we’ve gathered up some funny tweets we thought you might not have seen yet. Hope you enjoy ’em!

10. A long story

I must giraffe you some questions.


9. Gotta bee precise

I wonder if “God Save the Queen” was playing the entire time.

8. Time is running out

It’s a pre-2020 meme sir, but it checks out.


7. Beer run marathon

Then there’s that sudden realization of “Damn, where am I supposed to sleep?”


6. It takes two

What am I supposed to do, read?

5. I call shenanigans

I legit didn’t even notice the tigers the first time. This picture is wild.

4. Getting trashed

I’m sure they need companionship too.

3. A mirror to society

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks, they should sell their houses to me.

2. Prescription confusion

The crazy part is how this works somehow.

1. Dream big

I take it back, I take it ALL back.

A little birdie told me this list is over now. He’s a wise, wise bird, that one.

Who are your favorite people on Twitter right now?

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