I’ve got a surprisingly hot take for ya today: a lot of people really don’t trust cops.

I know, I know, shocking, but it’s true. And it’s well-founded. Because apart from the huge headline-catching incidents, there are countless smaller ones that make you think “Man. What’s the bar for being a cop? And is this even remotely appropriate?

That’s the sort of thing these anonymous stories illustrate.

10. What a shame

Whoa, that’s not even remotely appropriate.

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9. The pizza

Yeah, sure it was.

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8. Laws are laws

Unnecessary ones provide a great excuse for selective policing, too.

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7. No warrant

Why would you do this? Just to mess with someone’s head? As a power play?

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6. If I were…

Well, you’re not, so maybe keep that thought to yourself.

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5. Blame the victim

Maybe you need to install better lights, dummy.

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4. Blaze it

Pot has gotta be one of the most intentionally misunderstood substances ever.

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3. The torch

Holy crap, wouldn’t wanna be a guy breaking into her house.

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2. The warning

Yeah, this is super weird.

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1. A COP!


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Everybody’s experience with law enforcement is gonna differ, and you’ll hear all kinds of stories. The important thing is that you need to not throw out the stories that don’t line up with your own experience. If we want to have trustworthy and respected policing in this country, then we have to honestly examine its current state. Until we do, nothing’s gonna get any better.

What sorts of experiences have you had with the police?

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