We all do stupid things for attention sometimes. For instance, I got a theatre degree.

But some people really truly take it too far. And it gets UNCOMFORTABLE real quick.

What was the weirdest thing you’ve seen someone fake for attention?
byu/bel_kitty inAskReddit

Prepare your shocked face for these tales from Reddit.

1. The speech impediment

A kid in elementary school faked a speech impediment so she’d keep getting out of class for speech therapy.

Initially it was real, but speech therapy had totally cured it. She just didn’t want anyone to know. One of the words she mispronounced was “yellow.” She would say, “Lellow” instead.

One day we were on the playground together and she said, “I’m gonna tell you a secret!” she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “YELLLLOWWWW,” with a hard “Y” at the beginning. Then she laughed and said, “Don’t tell anyone!”

So I didn’t, until just now.

– NeedsMoreTuba

2. The “cousin”

When I was in middle school, a girl who was a senior at the high school died.

This girl in my class said it was her cousin, she even broke down crying in class, shaking, hyperventilating..etc.

Turns out it was not her cousin, in fact, she never even met or knew of her till she died.

– Cannonfury

3. The stoner

In year 7 this kid always pretended to be high so he would seem cool in front of everyone, I’m pretty sure he’d never done any drugs of any kind since all he did was act like he was seeing stuff lmao.

Eventually he told everyone he was smoking weed in school and the headmaster called his parents and he got in s**t.

– Time-Sand-1452

4. The senator

One of our senators is the lunatic daughter of a late dictator

She never finished college, but keeps insisting that she graduated from Princeton, as well as one of the top law schools in our country. She doesn’t show any paperwork, photos, degrees, diplomas, or records of any kind.

She just insists it’s true despite it being the easiest thing in the world to debunk (as it was, over and over through a simple email or phone call to the schools in question.)

Her bizarre, elaborate statements to dodge simple yes/no questions about her academic credentials have become somewhat of a meme.

– AdvocateSaint

5. The hidden friends

In high school this kid passed away in a car accident. I didn’t really know him but was tight with his older brother.

The sheer amount of people who never associated with him that came out of the woodwork was f**king crazy.

Like the guy was really into riding dirt bikes and any x games types of hobbies (skating, bmx, snowboarding) and actively talked s**t on a couple of regular sports jocks. But apparently they were best friends when nobody, not even his brother knew they were. His brother just kinda eye rolled them to their face and talked mad s**t with us later on. It was really pathetic to take one families pain and try to get attention with it.

– No-Umpire4788

6. The big emergency

An acquaintance faked a kidney stone problem, demanded her husband take her to the hospital in the middle of the night, and then when he got dressed and grabbed the car keys, she insisted on going alone by car and warned him that she might get into an accident and end up getting killed, and it would all be his fault.

He insisted on taking her, and she wouldn’t go, she would only go herself, all alone, risking her life in a car accident.

So it’s either getting the kidney stones untreated, or risking her life in a terrible car accident that might happen.

They had a huge falling out and she went back to bed.

Of course, this was all a result of a previous fight they had earlier that day.

– madashmadash

7. The kidnapping

A boy i went to elementary school with faked being kidnapped in the middle of the school day. He disappeared for hours. The whole school was in a panic, especially his mother who was a teaching assistant.

They eventually discovered him “passed out” in the woods near the school.

He claimed that one of the Hispanic construction workers who was across campus working on a new building had abducted him, beat him unconscious and left him for dead in the woods.

However, he did not have any signs of being assaulted. He was just covered in dirt.

His mother was immediately suspicious of her sons behavior, not sure why, and told authorities she thought he was lying. The construction worker he blamed had several good alibis. He had a special trade that made his whereabouts particularly important for the project they were working on that day.

The cops investigated and his story quickly fell apart and he confessed to making it up. I’m not sure why he did it.

I went to school with him for years after. He was a weird kid and acted out on other occasions for attention just to a lesser degree.

He had great grades too and seemed to have a very loving family.

– valerieswrld

8. The “alter”

I knew a girl in high school who spent about half an hour lecturing me about creepypasta so that I would understand what she meant when she said Jeff the Killer was an “alter” of hers.

I think she was hoping I’d be more impressed than I was.

– an_ineffable_plan

9. The pregnancy

A girl in my year at school faked a miscarriage and went ’round telling everybody that a guy from her class fingered her and he must have had some cum on his hands because she got pregnant and lost it.

The guy had an alibi, his friends confirmed he was playing football with them and a LOT of people called her a dirty slut.

Being fingered on a Friday evening and losing the “baby” on Saturday is quite impressive (/s) She got attention but I think she was expecting sympathetic attention and it backfired spectacularly!

– Retrosonic82

10. The relative

A friend of mine used to make up relatives and talk about them on a daily basis.

She apparently had an aunt that worked for the Rolling Stone, and would come into school saying her aunt interviewed Paul McCartney/Mick Jagger/*insert famous rockstar here*. We used to both use DeviantART on the regular and she actually made an account for her aunt and commented as her.

Also claimed to have a cousin who was in the SAS and would legit start the waterworks claiming he was leaving the country for his work.

Even faked a boyfriend at one point. Fake Facebook profile and everything. Always had an excuse for where any of them were whenever one of us would visit her house (despite them apparently visiting almost every day!).

These three were just a few of the supposedly massive family she had!

No idea why she did it, eventually these family members just faded out of existence, we never heard about them again after secondary school!

– geekitygeek

11. The liar

There’s a woman I work with that is a chronic liar.

Normally the stuff she makes up are about how she was a world renowned x. So far she’s been an opera singer, competitive swimmer, prodigal child, teacher in Mexico (doesn’t speak a word of Spanish), mensa member, coked out drag queen, figure skater, and has just a ton of obscure diseases.

The diseases obviously prevent her from being able to do certain things around the office but luckily never interfere with her ability to go out to her car to smoke on break.

What sticks out was telling everyone she was pregnant and later on that she miscarried. That one sticks out because it happen while another woman in the office was pregnant and getting more attention.

Currently a good friend of this person who also works with us is pretending to use a cane in order to try and get FMLA and avoud certain responsibilities. Which is…. Not boring…. if anything else. Luckily for her, despite not being able to walk 5 feet to check in stuff, she’s also still able to make the journey out to her car and smoke on her breaks.

– [deleted user]

12. The orphan

My “friend” who I cut off, pretended,

a) he had DID,

b) that his mom was dead.

Both of which turned out to be false, and even to this day I remember her face when she came to back to school night only to find out her son had told everyone she was dead.

I can only imagine what she felt.

– KingofChing

13. The phantom pregnancy

There’s a post on Facebook about a girl who faked a pregnancy for 9 months.

She got her bf to pay for everything, they had a gender reveal.

Just for 9 months to pass and nothing….

– mad_scientist434

14. The baboon

Here’s a doozie from college years ago: This attention-w**re-of-a-woman tried to convince all her friends that she not only received a baboon’s heart as a transplant, but then proceeded to win a marathon thereafter.

Like… WTF?

– eatababy

15. The survivor

Was dating this girl and things were getting serious, her best friend was jealous of the time we were spending together and faked a story about cancer.

Shaved her head and everything.

We found out it was a lie a month later when we ran into her dad

– DeftTrack81

What can I say but yikes?

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