The first Disney princess to get her own full length movie was Snow White, way back in 1937. Since then it’s not an exaggeration to say that the Disney princess has had a significant influence on our culture. No doubt many books could be/have been written on that subject but I’m more interested in the internet-hot-take element of it all.

Tumblr is known for its fandoms. A lot of those fandoms are Disney-oriented, but they’re certainly not all fawning. Here are 10 examples of hilarious takes on the Disney princess, courtesy of the good people of Tumblr.

10. He can’t let it go

9. Could you be more descriptive?

8. Some assembly required

7. In and out

6. A glowing personality

5. Under the shade

4. Why does she give a fork?

3. The little mermaid

2. That escalated quickly

1. If the shoe fits…

We’ll see if Disney takes any of these notes into consideration when crafting their future films. Never underestimate the power of Tumblr.

What’s your favorite Disney flick?

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