They say that those who don’t learn their history are doomed to repeat it. In my case that was true. I repeated 9th grade history twice. I paid very little attention.

Lucky for me, now I don’t have to try to learn history from dry old books or snooze-inducing lectures because the internet is full of history memes that bring the past alive! Finally, I can learn AND laugh AND not actually learn. Let’s look at ten lessons history has for us, in meme form.

10. There are two men inside you

Ummmm…. I didn’t mean it like that, though.

9. We’ve always been upwardly mobile

History is wild, son!

8. Anxiety is not new

Get up in the air, kid!

7. Science… took a while

That’s not how science works Frederick II!

6. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

People have been doing this stuff for millenia!

5. We’re all terrible

There are just some who are more terrible than others.

4. Holy Wars don’t take much

They can start at a moment’s notice.

3. Youth rebellion is a constant

Cool story boomer…

2. Art inspires innovation

I lol’d at this one.

1. “Flower power” used to mean something very different

If you’ve ever heard of this one, educate yo self!

I feel like now we have the wisdom of the ages in our hearts and minds. We’ve basically got a history degree but without the crushing debt and hopeless job market!

What’s your favorite historical factoid?

Enlighten us in the comments.