J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Hobbit – the first of the Lord of the Rings series – in 1937. He would go on to write three more epic novel installments, another entire book of background lore, and invent a new language to flesh out the world he had created. We can only assume that he worked this hard with a singular purpose in mind: to one day inspire lots of dank memes.

Thanks to the massive success of the Peter Jackson movie adaptations, there’s hardly a person alive now who isn’t at least passively familiar with Middle Earth. But how deep does your knowledge go? Check your nerdery by tallying how many of these 10 Lord of the Rings memes you get.

10. My Precious!


8. You can’t sit with us

7. Terms of endearment

6. Lord of the Ni

5. Such senseless violince

4. A broken sword is right twice a day

3. Shadow throwin’ shade

2. Discard all

1. Keeper of the legends

Now if you’ll excuse me, since we’re all stuck inside right now I’m going to go binge all of the special edition blu-rays. See you in three years.

What’s your favorite LOTR fact?

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