I grew up in the Christian church, so naturally, we talked about God a lot.

I heard many times the story of creation in Genesis, in which God creates the world and all living creatures in just 6 days. It’s a poetic little story.

Many believers take it to be metaphorical, some literal, but my favorite interpretation is the one the internet has stumbled upon with the “God creating _____” meme.

The truth is, life on earth is pretty weird. If all these creatures were designed, they were designed with some odd choices.

Here’s some examples of what might have been going through God’s mind when he was making certain animals:

10. Humans

9. Parrots

8. Fish

7. Kangaroos

6. Centipedes

5. Ants


4. Turkeys

3. Bees


2. Spiders

1. Praying Mantis

I think I’ll take these tweets and use them as the first section of my new holy book. Gotta keep myself busy, after all.

What do you think is the weirdest animal?

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