The dawn of philosophy saw an elite group of guys in togas thinking about thinking. Today, the internet offers us heaping helpings of philosophy at every turn. Perspectives you never thought you’d encounter are everywhere, and expressions of thoughts you didn’t even realize you had appear at every turn.

Now, that might be a lofty way of thinking about memes, but I have a fine arts degree and over-analysis makes my student loan payments feel justified.

Come feel insightful with me as we tour these fascinating thoughts from the corners of the internet.

10. A Life of Quiet Desperation

9. The Road Less Traveled

8. Patience is a Virtue

7. As a Waking Dream

6. Do What You Love

5. Know Thyself

4. Live to the Fullest

3. Youth is Fleeting

2. Time Waits for No One

1. Being and Nothingness

Ah, there we go. We practically read a book just now. I certainly feel enlightened.

What thoughts and ponderings from the internet caught your attention this week?

Let us know in the comments.