So, you know those stories about nanny cams and horrible things that are caught on them? Yeah, that’s not what this post is about.

But Reddit user kndthr took to r/askreddit with a pretty straightforward question:

Parents with Nanny Cams, what have you caught your babysitter doing?
byu/kndthr inAskReddit

To date the post has accumulated over 8,000 responses, and the variation is wild.

Folks chimed in with experiences not only with Nanny Cams and babysitters, but with all sorts of home security camera mishaps.

There are plenty of pretty tragic stories about abuse and neglect, as well as some heartwarmingly sweet anecdotes, but there are also a lot of stories that are just…bizarre.

1. Not all were the kind of problems you’d expect.

This was my (equivalent of) pre-k. All the kids were regressing in their movement ability and getting really fat so they set up spy equipment.

Turns out one carer was doubling every baby’s food portions and forcefully overfeeding them.
– MassacreNecro2

2. Inspire a new Olympic event?

I pay my neighbor to feed the stray cats in my garden when I’m away for days at a time.

The camera caught my neighbor trying to come in by pole (bamboo) vaulting one time.

He nailed it, amazingly.
– turnipheadstalk

3. Some sitters clearly needed to get their head in the game.

Caught my little sister’s babysitter catching a good hour long nap at 2 PM while my 1 year old sister was up having the time of her life destroying my playstation.
– madtitan1304

4. Gotta love a story with a good twist.

My mom suspected our maid of stealing the silverware. And she’s just f*cking nosy.

Anyway, the maid was indeed stealing the silverware.

I think that ended up being overshadowed by my dad f*cking her, though.
– animasrapids

5. Some deeply human moments.

I was the kiddo. My mom often tells the story of how she watched me give a big ol hug to my babysitter who just broke down out of nowhere after serving me lunch.

Turns out her dad had died a month back and it just wasn’t a good day for her.

I still remember you, Ms. Yancey. I hope you’re doing just fine now!
– RoyalVariety

6. Awesome instances of heroism!

The couple I sat for had a nanny cam in their living room, the kind that went in bears.

They got me on video giving their 2 yo the Heimlich after he tried to eat a rock.
– that1chick1730

7. The things they chose to steal…

She stole a single puzzle piece of what we were trying to solve.

Saw her put it in her pocket.
– Kalidoscope98

8. Oh, the 8-bit terror of it all.

When I was around 12yrs old, my parents caught my babysitter on camera stealing my NES games and shoving them into her pants and shirt.

They confronted her about it and she kept denying it until Ninja Gaiden fell out of her pant leg. My mom took her into a room and made take out all the games she stole.

She literally had games shoved under the strap of her bra on her back so that she could sneak them out of the house, and others were put inside the waist band of her underwear.

She must’ve really thought about this for awhile.
– [user deleted]

9. A lot of them get embarrassingly sexual.

Caught the babysitter masturbating on our couch. The babysitter was/still is my female cousin.

I figured the best thing was to just say nothing, save the awkwardness. She did it a fair amount.

I then mentioned our house cam by accident some months later and her face dropped.

I realised what I’d said then casually threw in that I’d never checked it, again, to save the awkwardness.
– J-rizzler

10. And some…some portray truly unspeakable horrors.

Playing Uno using bullsh^t house rules
– Ghastly_Gibus

I know a lot of you may have found that last one disturbing. Sorry for not properly preparing you for that.

Do you use home security cameras? Have you ever caught something weird?

Tell us about it in the comments.