Breakups are often messy. There’s a lot of baggage to deal with. But in the case of one breakup described on r/PettyRevenge, those “messy bags” are quite literal.

It’s one thing to have to go get your stuff back from an ex, but it’s another entirely to have to disentangle your accounts and such, especially when one person just doesn’t want to hear it.

And with that the stage is set for a tale of some very petty revenge over some actual garbage:

Bins that were paid from my account are in ex’s name, after both moved out of apartment tried to let her know to cancel them so I can pay off debt.
by inpettyrevenge

Now remember, this entire subreddit is specially for self-admitted acts of petty revenge.

There are no saints here. Only the deeply devious. And everybody’s got something to say about it.

First of all, “bins” are more commonly called “trash cans” in the United States, if you’re confused.

And depending on where you live, they may be a part of the trash service you pay for.

Most people were on OP’s side in all this.

You’d almost intentionally have to ignore the problem to have it affect you.

But, and here’s the controversial part, the consequences could be big.

All the more so if one of you doesn’t understand how this works.

But how do you get in this mess in the first place?

Oh what tangled webs we weave.

Companies will keep collecting as long as they can.

Yeah, there are ways around it.

Not gonna be fun when this bill comes due. Personally, I hope I never end up in a relationship that could result in either of us wanting to pull a stunt like this.

What do you think about what he did? Justified? Too far? No other choice?

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