You know what they say, men are from Mars, women are from Jupiter, non-binary people are from Earth. Ok, I don’t know, maybe that’s not the saying, I was just trying to update it a little. Probably better to dump it altogether. But cliches aside, I must confess that I, a cis straight man-person, often have a difficult time understanding women-people. And I’m not alone.

Here are 10 anonymously submitted things that some men say they just don’t get about the ladies. And hold on, cause some of these hot takes are…iffy.

10. Liberation

This feels more like a joke, but, yanno, true.

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9. The F word

Interesting take here.

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8. Hitting it off

I think the frequency and nature of the “hitting on” makes a huge difference, my guy.

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7. Who let the dogs out?

This is the epitome of linguistic hypocrisy.

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6. Talk dirty to me

Seems like a societal shame problem, really.

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5. Making it up

I’m going to guess the resounding response from most women would be “cool story bro.”

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4. “nice guys finish last”

Alright now we’re getting dangerously close to incel territory.

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3. A failure to communicate

If we’re gonna talk, let’s talk.

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2. Send bobs


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1. Digital jealousy

Sounds like you’ve been with some folks who’ve got trust issues.

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We may never fully understand each other, but making an actual effort to try to get closer to that understanding certainly goes a very long way. Let’s make that a priority, shall we?

What’s something you don’t understand about women? Or men? Or people in general?

Tell us in the comments.