A lot is made of the concept of “dad jokes,” but I’ve never really heard a concrete definition of what separates a dad joke from other jokes.

I do have a theory, however. I think when a person becomes a father, on the back of the birth certificate they get to write down 3 jokes. Those jokes will be the only ones they get to tell for the rest of their lives.

I have yet to have children myself, but I suspect I’ll find I’m right, at which point I’ll break the code of silence and report back to you all.

In the meantime, here for your consideration, are some terribly wonderful jokes.

10. That’s deep, dude

9. Is it 50% off?

8. Some light reading

7. Bite-sized baby

6. Then they shook on it

5. It had a very good Riesling to

4. One small salad for man

3. Quick wits

2. Too hot to trot

1. This joke smells fishy

I think I could pick a few of those to repeat ad nauseam and be pretty happy about it. In fact, I think I’ll go find some unsuspecting people and start now.

What’s your favorite wonderful/terrible joke?

Make us groan in the comments.