There’s a lot of ways people can express themselves. We can speak, we can write, we can compose music or paint portraits. Or, we can find memes and send them to each other, which honestly might be the most effective medium of meaningful communication we’ve yet developed.

So if any of these random memes strike a chord in your heart, be sure to pass them along. Think of it as your own personal masterpiece that you had nothing to do with creating.

15. Fight the good fight, buddy

14. Remember…where you are…

13. Valentina is my valentine

12. Carry me home

11. That’s not going anywhere

10. Babies are absorbent

9. The King of Dad Jokes

8. This is a load of sheet

7. Dat cookie, doh

6. They only know the doggy paddle

5. Maybe I’m a bat?

4. Beauty isn’t even skin deep

3. Be a cereal killer

2. Oh nooooo

1. The monochromatic side of the force

You’ve probably already got a running tab in your head of like 10 people you need to send these memes too, so we’ll let you get to it. Tell them we said hi!

Which one if your favorite?

Tell us in the comments.