We all feel a little dumb now and then. The best way to handle it isn’t to let it spin you into a spiral of self-criticism, but just enjoy it. Laughing at others is fun, but laughing at ourselves in healthy. Remember, nobody gets through life without looking stupid now and again.

Here are 10 little moments that make us feel dumb, but are really funny anyway.

10. When websites suddenly reformat

Now I’ve got the tech savvy of a 400 year old man.

9. When your pet gets into stuff…

It’s 5:00 somewhere. Probably. He literally has no concept of time.

8. Therapists are tear-jerkers

A little validation goes an embarrassingly long way.

7. Blue light special

*Casually looks around to see what idiot is making such a scene*

6. Hangry struggle


5. Lyrical lack of listening

How was I so moved by my own gibberish?

4. The flex

It’s tough times, don’t beat yourself up.

3. When you make an unfortunate spelling error

Please do NOT do this.

2. When your feet shrink

This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

1. Appetizer anxiety

All those minutes wasted talking to my friends…what a FOOL I was!

I personally find roughly 10 out of 10 of these highly relatable which means I’m clearly killing it. How about you?

What’s a dumb thing you did recently that made you laugh?

Tell us in the comments.