Alright, we’ve got some very important memes to share with you. Now, you may be saying to yourself “There’s no such thing as an important meme.” And, first of all, that’s a weird thing to say to yourself. Second, you’re wrong. Memes are modern art. They’re how we communicate. How we build community. How we confuse the hell out of our parents. And they deserve to be treasured.

Here are 12 random memes that are definitely very, very important to humanity.

12. Auto-correct

(For why this is, look up the difference between an acronym and an initialism. Learning is fun!)

11. Security measures

Banks can’t afford good cameras. It’s not like they have literally all the mone-oh, wait.

10. Spies among us

Can you at least be helpful while you’re being creepy?

9. Foresight

I’m no longer even trying to plan for next week much less five years from now.

8. Professor pupper

I would get up at 7am for this class.


Why sleep, human? Join us. Join us always.

6. NintenDON’T mess with me

Don’t make me whip out my Switch blade.

5. The triumvirate

Wait, there’s more than one?!

4. Reverse, reverse

Do you realize how catastrophically mildly inconvenienced I am?

3. Fortune tellers

Why aren’t we consulting these writers more often on policy decisions?

2. Cute to boot

Sock it to ’em.

1. The pen is…

Mightier than the sword?

There, see? Super important stuff. The kind of memes that need to be preserved and admired. Thank you for doing your part.

Where do you go to get the best memes?

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