Bored? Worry not, my friend. We’ve got just the collection of memes you need to tickle your brain parts into a feeling of pure internet excitement! Uninhibited digital joy! Unbridled cyberspace ecstasy! OK, we may be over selling this. These memes are funny enough that you will probably blow air through your nose pretty hard at least a few times. But yanno, that’s still pretty good.

Enjoy a break from the boring with these 12 random funny bits of internet.

12. You got served

Those “employees MUST WASH HANDS” signs should have been a clue.

11. Get out of my dreams

And into my belly.

10. Horsin’ around

From saddle to sadder.

9. It’s an adventure!

If you hum the theme song every time you do, it feels more whimsical.

8. Tuckered tuckers

Anyone who doesn’t do this is a sociopath.

7. Pillow, friend!

OK but like, why do you have that?

6. He wish for fish

Imagine the absolute nightmare world that poor beta is living in.

5. I know a guy

If your car is smoking, you’ve definitely got a problem.

4. Shower move

It’s like drinking water from the bathroom sink; it’s probably fine but it doesn’t feel right.

3. You’ve learned well

One must earn the burn.

2. The lost relic

I remember it was like “Doo do doooo de doo do daa. Does that help?”

1. Harry hotter

Leave it to Tumblr to combine fandoms that have no place together.

Hope that helped you feel a little less bored. Feel free to click around for more, we’re absolutely full of tedium-killing content!

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