I once worked at a country club with very wealthy members.

The official unofficial policy of the club was “you never tell a member no.” Which meant that whatever a member might request, you just told them you were on it and got to work.

Problem was, a lot of the time I either had no idea how to fulfill their particular request or knew for a fact that it couldn’t happen. But since I wasn’t allowed to just tell them that, my main strategy involved hurrying off to “take care of it” and then just kind of wandering around until I could find someone else to pass it off to.

It wasn’t good. That job wasn’t good.

But I’m not alone in finding these work-arounds.

The OP here wasn’t alone either. Because the tweet replies came flooding in.

10. Check in the back

The back is not some magical place, I don’t know what customers think goes on there.

9. It didn’t meet our standards

And we’re ALL about standards.

8. I AM the supervisor

I can be anything I set my mind to.

7. I’m still learning English

That’s a clever one.

6. Sorry, can’t help ya

Shouldn’t they have been trained?

5. I’ve just started

Sometimes, it’s official policy.

4. Keep the training sticker

Don’t ask me, find someone else.

3. The new girl

Not just a show.

2. It’s my birthday

It’s perfect until you start to get regulars.

1. Blessings be upon you

Now that’s a grift.

Maybe use some of those tips in your own life? Couldn’t hurt.

What white lies have you told at work?

Tell us in the comments.