Being a medical professional isn’t easy, especially right now. The only thing likely to make a health crisis worse is a population who doesn’t understand medicine and seems to think they know more about it through a few google searches than the highly trained professionals trying to take care of them.

It’s no surprise, then, that people in the medical field have LOTS of stories of very dumb and bizarre ways in which they’ve had to correct patients over the years. Here are just a few anonymous confessions from doctors, nurses, and the like, on their worst such interactions.

10. Periodic knowledge

How young was this young lady?

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9. Bugs are bugs?

I am wincing in secondhand pain right now.

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8. Vape life

“But I heard it cures everything! The internet told me!”

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7. Weird flex

I hate needles and I hate knowing this and I’m going to move on now.

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6. Balanced meals

Isn’t salad supposed to be a super food?

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5. What doesn’t kill you…

My understand is that bacterial evolution kind of makes for the opposite case…

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4. Crowning achievement

Be a little nicer to your dentists, everyone.

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3. Basic anatomy

Our education system is doing super great!

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2. Absolute legend

Oh to be a fly on the wall of this ambulance.

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1. Mark it down

I mean, they’ve only been around for like 6,000 years, give people a chance to catch up with the trends.

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While none of that gives me particular confidence in the overall knowledge of the public, I am now all the more grateful for the healthcare professionals who patiently deal with patients and take their body of knowledge on bodies seriously. Here’s to you, medical folks. You’re the real heroes.

What’s the weirdest medical conversation you’ve ever heard?

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