If you want to be weird and pedantic about things (which I very much do) you could say that the first electronic text message happened all the way back in 1844. It was on May 24th of that year that inventor of the telegraph Samuel Morse sent the first message by wire using dots and dashes from Washington D.C. to Baltimore. That message was four words: “What hath God wrought?”

A rather ominous nod to the implications of this soon-to-be-world-changing technology. Maybe even way back then Morse realized that he’d be paving the way for modern wireless communication, a medium which would allow billions all over the world to casually say stupid things to each other all day every day. Nearly two centuries later and here we are, taking screenshots of our worst conversations and sharing them with strangers for fun. What hath God wrought, indeed.

Here are 10 terrible conversations as preserved by the people of Twitter. (Depending on your display, you may need to click the images to see the full screenshot.)

10. Bilingual blunders

I don’t suppose we can hold out hope that her mom doesn’t speak English?


9. Casa dea

Kid, you can look it up. JUST LOOK IT UP.

8. Wiggle room

So you’re telling me there’s a chance…

7. Oops

To be fair, we talk shit on people to our friends. All of us. All the time.


6. Seeing double

Well at least he was courteous enough to reply.

5. We know who we are

You…need to stop drinking immediately.

4. Is you is or is you ain’t

I’m looking for recommendations, not feelings.

3. Bad reply

This is how you don’t answer the phone.

2. Lost in the mail

I think AT&T is trying to sabotage your relationship.


1. Faced

This is like a vaudeville routine.

Remember everybody, try to have good phone etiquette and don’t make a mess of your conversations. But if you do, remember that it’s your solemn duty to take a screenshot and share it with the rest of us. Those are the rules.

What’s the biggest text fail you’ve ever witnessed?

Tell us about it in the comments.