Men are really something else. And I say that as a man. Like, a typical dude man. A cis, straight, no fashion sense, only really knows how to make macaroni and tacos kind of dude. I’m fine with that. I own it. And I understand when people look at creatures of my ilk and say “What exactly…is going on here?”

Here are 10 great tweets from people who a little confused as to what mens’ deal is.

10. Be prepared

I hope he went into a career in marketing.

9. Captain Obvious

I mean, I should hope not?

8. Grammar is important

I see you’re point here.

7. Think it through

We don’t always get the message.

6. All hair don’t care

99 bottles of beer on the floor, 99 bottles of beer…

5. The sweet life

It all makes perfect sense now.

4. Funny people

Men who say women aren’t funny are themselves never ever funny.

3. Keeping in check

Yeah, I think there’s one in the White House right now, actually.


I don’t know if this is supposed to make my battleship better or my belly button. Either way, I am IN.

1. Big pocket energy

You see some cargo shorts coming your way, you know you’re gonna have trouble.

We men may not be perfect. Or close to perfect. Or generally acceptable. Or…OK, I kinda forgot where I was going with this, but just know that some of us are indeed trying to live good lives and be good people. Also to jump up and slap door frames, that is very, very important to us for some reason and I’m going to need you all to respect that.

Which one did you relate to the most?

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