No matter how many jobs you have, you can find the same dumb stuff at pretty much all of them.

I read somewhere that the average Millennial has already worked as many jobs as the average Boomer, despite the age difference. More and more of us are hopping from place to place or taking on multiple jobs at once – and all that work experience adds up to one unalterable bit of wisdom: nobody wants to be at work.

Let us ponder the depths of this revelation as we review some memes about it.

10. Why would you even ask?

9. Hardly seems fair

8. It’s a matter of perspective

7. Elapsed time: one day

6. Don’t trust silence

5. F*ke it till you make it

4. It’s a versatile word

3. Maybe they won’t notice…

2. Chug, chug, chug, chug

1. The proportions look wrong to me…

If you’re working a cr*p job right now, our condolences. Here’s hoping you find something better soon!

If you’re working your dream job right now, why are you looking at memes? Is your JOB TO LOOK AT MEMES? WHERE DO WE SIGN UP?

Tell us about your work life in the comments. We’ll get through this together.