I saw a tweet recently that pointed out that we’re officially at the point where if your birth year starts with a “1,” you’re legally allowed to buy alcohol.

The Millenium has officially passed the drinking age. Soon it will be old enough to rent a car, and before we know it, old enough to run for President.

I don’t like thinking about that. I don’t like thinking in general, but especially not about that type of thing, because that type of thing reminds me that I am very much not a kid anymore, but then I see these memes about the over 30 experience and I’m like “Lol whatever, at least the bits are funny.”

10. Sync up

My sister blasted the music from her room so I know every one of these songs pretty much by heart.

9. Crushing it

Ok, rude.

8. Players gonna play

Places that leave pianos around and insist that nobody play them should be sued out of existence.

7. Picture perfect

Also RIP to the four SD cards full of pictures you never did anything with that are sitting in a forgotten box somewhere.

6. Going up

When it comes to waist lines, I don’t waste time.

5. Spot the difference

I assure you, these were two different bands.

4. Good genes

You might trip over every other step but it’s gonna be well worth it.

3. Dawson’s Crinklefries

Doo DOOO do doo… Doo DOOO do doo…

2. Go to tape

And if you hit even the slightest bump in the road, it’s all over.

1. Don’t have a cow, man

This is the embodiment of something strange and powerful.

I may be getting old, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the ride.

What’s the strangest thing about being your age?

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