They say if you’re unlucky in love, you’re lucky in cards.

If that’s true I need to hightail it to Vegas right this instant and get myself in on some action. By this time next year I should be the poker champion of North America, should this inversely-proportional luck/love relationship be true. But probably it’s just an idiom and those are almost never right, so, I’m better off not gambling my savings away and taking solace in memes.

Here are ten memes for everybody who feels just a little too unlucky in love.

10. Response unavailable

Oh yeah, bring on the huge disappointment.

9. Ain’t no follow back girl

Your first mistake was caring.

8. Playing doctor

Where’d they get those suckers though.

7. The waiting game

He’s totally gonna notice and care a lot about THAT.

6. Total inconsistency

I’ve called you all hear today to see who’s tellin’ the truth.

5. Hate the game

Glad you asked, do you have a projector somewhere we could use?

4. Spread the news

I can’t remember his name but I’m pretty sure he’s the one.

3. Sign me up

Ignorance can be absolute bliss.

2. Settin’ ablaze

As must be done to all Furby kind.

1. Fantasy land

That’s what those songs are for, I assume.

I may not be lucky in love, or very attractive, or wealthy, or stable, or skilled, but…ok, I forgot where I was going with this and I just made myself sad.

Have you been lucky in love lately?

Tell us in the comments.