They say there are no new ideas in Hollywood anymore. It’s all just sequels, reboots, spin-offs, live action Disney remakes with no live action in them, etc.

10 Memes for People Who Are Unlucky in LoveIt’s tempting to thumb our noses at the fact that so much of film and TV is just the same old stuff; it’s tempting to put it down to nothing more than a lack of imagination. In truth, it’s an economic thing. Studios and networks know that people already like [Franchise X], so they’re more likely to make a profit off of [Franchise X] than they are risking something new.

So how do we ride this line between safe business and interesting products? Perhaps this Twitter thread holds an unlikely answer.

Picture it. Recognizable titles but with a twist so novel it’s still something new. The familiar and the unknown. Let’s consider a few of these pitches…

10. I am the one who knocks

The longer it goes, the worse it smells.

9. Thank you, next

Contestants have to face the panel AND their very judgmental former lovers.

8. Country living

Two very different pitches here.

7. Table top madness

If it’s the game of Life then Sean Bean can’t play.

6. Spin in sin

Nobody give Pat Robinson any ideas.

5. Apathetic adventure

It’s more indifferent on the inside.

4. Shake it good

We’d finally know what Carole Baskin is packin’.

3. Up up and away

It’s a subtle difference. Look out for it.

2. Frantically funny

Drugs are never used in the creation of comedy, come on now.

1. A special day

Ironically, a lot of legal issues would arise.

I think if we head over to Hollywood or NYC with these pitches in tow, we’re bound to land SOME kind of deal. Look for at least one of them coming to an incredibly niche and under-subscribed streaming service near you!

What other pitches would you add?

Tell us in the comments.