I really gotta hand it to medical workers this year. Like. I gotta hand ALL OF IT to them. I don’t even know what the “it” is in this scenario, but it can be whatever they want it to be, because hot damn, what a mess they’re having to deal with.

I won’t pretend to understand what that’s like, but I do know of a stash of a bunch of memes that understand.

10. Divine intervention

Prayer is way cheaper anyway.

9. Who is she

This image haunted me so badly I had to look up what it is. Deepsea telescope fish, for the record. And yes, it’s real.

8. Solidarity

We’ve followed the plan of “ignore it and hope it goes away” perfectly, thankyouvermuch.

7. Freak out

The sooner you calm down the sooner we’ll be done here.

6. Spaced out

I have more questions than answers.

5. Whatever floats your boat

Quick question: what is everything?

4. Night of the living dead

…but other than that, yeah, doing really great.

3. Sick and thicc

Why Patrick, I had no idea…

2. Bonus round

We give you our thanks! …and very little else.

1. Self-prescribed

“I’d like an unproven cure for a disease I don’t have, please.”

Well that was hilarious and also depressing. I know it may sound like pretty small potatoes, but for whatever it’s worth, my sincere thanks to all healthcare workers right now. I honestly don’t know how you do it.

Are you in this boat?

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