If you’re over 25, my condolences. It’s just gonna get weirder from here. And what can we do about it? For as long as humankind could express itself we’ve raged against our own mortality. It once took the form of legend and ritual. Now we post adulting memes and drink a lot of wine. And hey, yanno, whatever works.

Here are ten thoughts from those who would very profoundly like to stop growing up, please.

10. Goals

I dunno, I ran pretty hard that one day in seventh grade. It’s probably that.

9. Bed and blessings

This is what happens every time I remember to actually drink water.

8. Lay it all out

Plus nobody’s following the directional arrows even though it’s a VERY SIMPLE CONCEPT.

7. Not for me

You mean I gotta pay for this now?

6. Hating rating

I didn’t want to view it the first time, much less review it.

5. Simple request

I need this on a t-shirt or something.

4. Go fetch

When you look forward to a Target trip and wonder where it all went wrong.

3. Leave her alone

She was just one step ahead of most of us.

2. No place like it

I mean yeah, that’s where my bed and all my snacks are.

1. Level down

Who started me on expert mode?

We may not be able to stop ourselves from getting older, but at least we can meme our way to immortality.

What’s the weirdest thing about aging in your opinion?

Tell us in the comments.