You ever get crushed by a crush?

Just the crushing crush of having a crush on someone thoroughly crushable? It’s an unbearably wonderful, awful feeling. The kind that keeps you up at night and makes you describe all kind of stomach-insect related flutters that sound like they should be horrifying but are actually very exciting. And that’s just the beginning. From there the road of crushdom may lead many places. Including to a place where you just get fed up with it all and make memes.

Like these ten memes about what it’s like to get crushed by having crushes.

10. Next stop: pain

Poor Ralph. He never stood a chance.

9. I need you to need me

There are so many overwhelming ways to communicate now.

8. The bro code

I knew it, I knew you’d never leave me.

7. High pressure

Nothing’s gonna be able to wash these feels away.

6. Inaccurate dating methods

Google just autofills that mess for me at this point.

5. The prophesy is fulfilled

Fairy tales are never real, except for this one maybe.

4. Hot and cold

I can go from zero to sixty to zero again real quick.

3. Fun in the sun

Shhh, regret is what winter is for.

2. Quick turnaround

By golly, I don’t know how, but you’ve convinced me.

1. Imaginary infidelity

You got a lotta nerve living your life.

No matter how bad the crush, don’t let it crush you. And remember, somebody out there is also crushin’ on you.

What’s your number one piece of dating advice?

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