Have you heard the news? TikTok is getting banned. Or sold. Or given an ultimatum. Or turned into a delivery app.

Honestly, I don’t know. The insanity moves so fast these days that by the time you read this TikTok is probably going to be running the government or something and half these memes won’t be relevant anymore.

But if you’re a millennial like me, who dabbled in the app but never truly enjoyed it, you might just be perfectly content to sit back and watch it all burn for a while.

If so, these are for you.

10. What now?

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. (I guess you do probably have to go home, because you’re twelve.)

9. Full circle

Glad I saved myself all that mental energy.

8. Lure ’em in

If I’m going to have my privacy violated I want it done by AMERICAN apps, thank you!

7. What’s the diff?

Both make me tired.

6. Welcome to the tube

Psh, as if it could get any worse.

5. Let it go

For real.

4. The golden years

We’re very savvy about all of this, really.

3. Silver linings

I like how whomever made this didn’t even bother to spell TikTok correctly.

2. Blending in

Now watch me try to be weirdly sexy.

1. Never too late for now

Better not to know.

Whatever the future of TikTok may be, I think we can all agree that VINE NEEDS TO COME BACK, DAMMIT.

What’s your opinion on these very important topics?

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