Do you ever feel like no matter how many stern talking to’s you give your brain, it just refuses to listen?

Which is weird, really. Because your brain is the thing allowing you to do the talking, and also the only part of you capable of processing the listening end of it all, and yet the stupid thing can’t even seem to get itself to understand itself despite it being very clear about all of this.

Trying to think that through just gave me a full on headache so maybe we should stop thinking today and just look at some memes.

10 The dream sequence

I have so little in this life, can’t you let me hold onto these at least?

byu/Ultimate_Samurai inme_irl

9. Here here

It takes a whole lot of mental fortitude but somehow we get through it.

Plus thinking about how you sounded afterwards
byu/Slazed05 insocialanxiety

8. Alone again

“Don’t watch, I can’t do it when you watch.”
“Do what?”
“Any of it.”

Its like, your body forgets how to do anything and you lose all confidence…
byu/PointlessPupil insocialanxiety

7. Major minor

I’ve done my research and concluded that this is all sick.

I hate anxiety, I wish I never had it
byu/litgrizzly inmemes

6. The shop fake

Oh never mind, I totally didn’t want milk. Nope. Just by the fridges to stare at the yogurt for a while.

That be me
byu/qsauce6 insocialanxiety

5. The ratio

And then you start counting your blinks and it’s all over for you.

Aye, contact sucks
byu/fizbanZA insocialanxiety

4. Hold on tight

And then that weird little voice in the back of your mind goes: “What if we just threw it?”

byu/nanorim004 inmemes

3. Page me any time

Some say he’s still sitting there to this day.

byu/RuhRohRaggy9000 inmeirl

2. The playback

Let’s go ahead and hold onto this one forever.

Thanks brain, very cool
byu/Erasertron insocialanxiety

1. Change is in the air

And I’m about to suffocate.

byu/SmaaktNaarMeer insocialanxiety

Now I’m gonna go before I overthinking how to wrap this up.

What do you love/hate most about your brain?

Tell us in the comments.