They say that those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. Given that the majority of history has been *checks notes* a total dumpster fire, and given that there is a growing pro-dumpster fire contingency in the world today, I think it’s more important than ever that we heed this warning.

Of course, history is kinda long, and there are upwards of several entire books on the subject, so for starters, let’s just do some history via memes.

10. Rebellion

I offer my largest oof.

9. The big one

You’re harshing everybody’s buzz, dude.

8. Look of recognition

I see nothing. NOTHING!

7. Sick burn

Good thing we’re SUPER good at dealing with this kind of thing now…

6. The blame game

You get what you deserve!

5. New math

$Infinity, please.

4. Khan academy

The dude got around so much he’s probably you’re grandpa.

3. Assassination nation

You gone and stepped in it now, John Flammang Schrank.

2. Terms of agreement

Colonists have just sorta been garbage from the start.

1. Fight for your rights

“Yanno…rights and stuff…to like…do…state things… come on, don’t make me say it.”

Well, history has been horrifying. And there’s so much more of it to come! Just remember, you’re a part of it now. Make choices that won’t make your descendants facepalm, please.

What’s your favorite historical fact?

Share it with us in the comments.